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Regrettably, people are injured at work every day. Although some industries are more dangerous than others, anybody can be injured...on any any given time. Fortunately, there are workers’ compensation laws in all of the United States which are intended to protect injured works. In Missouri and Illinois, the workers’ compensation laws entitle most workers to replace lost wages, payment of medical expenses and money for permanent injuries and disabilities.

Many workplace injuries are caused by the inherently dangerous nature of a profession, such as farming, carpentry, steel work, drywall work and other construction trades. Other occupational injuries are of an ongoing type, such as repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Some work-related injuries occur because an employer has chosen to remove safeguards from equipment in an effort to make or save more money. And some work injuries are simply accidents. The good news is that the workers’ compensation laws provide benefits to injured workers no matter who is at fault.

The lawyers of McChesney & Ortwerth know what it takes prove that an injured worker is entitled to receive the payments and benefits authorized by the workers' compensation laws, and we know what experts can best evaluate your injury with an eye towards that recovery. If you or a loved one has been injured at work, please contact the firm online for a free consultation.

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