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The accomplished lawyers at McChesney & Ortwerth, L.L.C. have decades of combined experience handling a wide array of personal injury cases. Our areas of focus range from complex injuries to motor vehicle liability to insurance company disputes. Our successful attorneys also concentrate on wrongful death cases, truck accidents, products liability and workers’ compensation claims, among other areas. Our diverse practice areas allow us to aid a variety of personal injury victims and their families. Missourians who have been hurt due to the negligence of others find strong legal partners in McChesney & Ortwerth, L.L.C.

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At McChesney & Ortwerth, L.L.C, we have strong experience examining motor vehicles accidents and securing sufficient recoveries for accident victims. Our lawyers thoroughly analyze accident cases, interview witnesses and competently argue cases in court.
Our attorneys manage a host of vehicle accident claims. We represent drivers, passengers and family members of those injured in crashes. Our successful representation has led to millions of dollars’ worth of recoveries for our clients. We represent victims and their families in the following types of vehicle accidents:


We handle a range of personal injury claims

Our law firm is adept at various personal injury matters. We regularly achieve significant victories for our injury clients. When it comes to personal injury, we can provide assistance regarding:

Missouri personal injury attorneys get you a fair settlement

When you have been involved in a vehicle crash or personal injury accident, it’s common to feel confused and unsure of where to turn. Negligent parties and insurance companies often give victims the run-around and make it difficult for you to get straight answers. At McChesney & Ortwerth, L.L.C., we immediately start tackling your claim. Our St. Louis, Missouri law firm aggressively advocates for you and your family and ensure your voice is heard. Contact us as soon as possible for a free legal consultation. We can be reached online  or by phone at 314.480.5650.

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