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  • Workers' Comp Construction Employee Attorney

    Workers' compensation and legal services for construction workers in Missouri

    The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the United States.

    Because of this, just about every company requires businesses in the construction industry to carry workers’ compensation insurance, regardless of their size. 

    Workers’ compensation requirements in Missouri states that all businesses with a minimum of five employees must carry workers’ comp insurance, but any construction company, regardless of the number of employees, are required to carry.

    The dangers of working in construction are pretty obvious. You are working around large machinery, unfinished buildings, sharp objects, and many other scenarios that could easily injure or even kill someone if an accident were to happen or a careless mistake is made.

    The importance of workers’ compensation in the construction industry

    Due to the high risk of injury, construction companies are usually very careful when selecting their workman’s compensation insurance.

    One would like to think that they have their employees in mind when not only selecting their insurance but also when they are providing compensation to an employee who has been injured or became ill while on the job.

    Unfortunately – and to a certain extent, understandably-, employers and insurance companies also always do everything in their power to make sure the compensation being given to an injured employee is as minimal as possible.

    Additionally, the contracts and policies construction workers sign are often long and complicated documents. Because of this, there are times when the compensation is unfair or a loophole is found that allows less compensation that is truly deserved.

    Receiving fair compensation for an injury on a construction site

    Understanding the different types of workers’ compensation is the first step. Ultimately, compensation for construction workers who sustained an injury or illness while at work fall under one of the following:

    • Payment for medical treatment
    • Payment for time off/payment for lost wages
    • Permanent Partial Disability compensation
    • Permanent Total Disability compensation

    There are many common workers’ compensation injuries and not all cases are eligible for workers’ compensation.

    Regardless of the severity of your injury or illness, we always recommend at least speaking with a local workers’ comp attorney. They can help simplify any agreements you signed and determine whether or not you have a case.