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    St. Louis truck accident Lawyers

    We are St. Louis truck accident lawyers who have won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients

    Expert truck accident lawyers

    Truck companies have a lot of money to lose when their vehicles cause collisions. Large commercial trucks, tractor-trailers and eighteen-wheelers can weigh 15 to 20 times more than a regular passenger car and often cause catastrophic injuries and death. Truck companies know they are the target of multi-million dollar lawsuits. So, immediately after a serious collision occurs, the truck company will send an experienced team of experienced lawyers, experts and investigators to the scene of the accident. This team is often referred to as a “crash team.” The truck company’s crash team is responsible for securing the accident scene, gathering evidence in support of the truck company, and minimizing evidence that may place blame on the truck driver and the truck company.

    It is critically important that you hire an experienced and powerful St. Louis truck accident lawyer immediately if you have been injured by a commercial truck or your family member was killed by a commercial truck. At Ortwerth Law, LLC, we have a team of attorneys who will investigate the scene of the accident immediately, from your point of view and with your best interest in mind. We do not trust the truck company’s “crash team” and neither should you. We are powerful truck accident attorneys who will work with our own team of experts and investigators to quickly collect evidence before it becomes compromised or destroyed; and we will investigate the facts and circumstances of your collision to determine whether it was caused by truck driver negligence or truck company negligence.

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    Why hiring the right 18-wheeler and semi-truck accident attorney is important:

    • You don’t want to take the trucking company’s word for it. Do you? You want your own legal team to conduct its own investigation before the trucking company has an opportunity to cover up evidence.
    • Your legal team will gain access to the truck’s black box, which is similar to the “black box” you often hear about on airplanes. The black box may contain important information about the truck’s speed, throttle position, brake and pedal application, and clutch status.
    • It is important for your legal team to inspect the truck before it is moved, repaired or destroyed because the nature and extent of the damage to the truck will provide valuable evidence as to how and why the collision occurred.
    • The debris on or near the road should be inspected before it is moved or cleaned up. Your legal team will document and photograph the debris in the very same way authorities conduct an investigation in a criminal case. It is important because it may provide evidence which proves details as to how, where and why the collision occurred.
    • The skid marks on the road [or the lack of skid marks] should be documented before the next heavy rain, ice or snow because those skid marks [or the lack of skid marks] provide evidence as to the speed of the truck, whether the driver applied the brakes prior to impact, and, in some cases, whether or not the driver was fatigued or distracted at the time of the crash.

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    We keep truckers liable for their negligence

    We are committed to holding truck drivers responsible for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, reckless driving, speeding, texting while driving or failing to take sufficient rest stops in order to make their quotas. We are also dedicated to consulting with your doctor to identify the types of medical care you will need, such as reconstructive surgeries, physical therapy, and long-term rehabilitation facilities. We are determined to help you obtain compensation for your current and any long-term medical expenses stemming from the truck accident. We also work with economists and vocational experts to understand how your injuries have threatened your ability to continue working. We will pursue maximum compensation against any liable parties for your past and future medical needs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

    Aggressive St. Louis truck crash lawyers who win big cases

    Most times an 18-wheeler, or any commercial truck, is involved in a crash, the damage is horrific. Our client’s safety is our top priority. We make sure the first thing they do, after a trucking collision, is getting the proper medical attention. We want their health, and/or the health of their loved ones is the first they on their mind while we investigate their case. Trucking companies have teams of people they quickly send out to investigate their trucks crash. Our team of experts makes sure all of the information is correctly collected and recorded for your case.

    We are powerful St. Louis personal injury lawyers who will continue to fight our client’s rights and defend our client’s until the receive the compensation we deserve. We know the devastating effects of a truck wreck and work quickly for all of our truck accident clients. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a truck collision, contact Ortwerth Law, LLC, Premier St. Louis truck accident attorneys today for a free consultation.

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