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  • Workers’ Compensation Statistics in the United States

    An intro to workers’ compensation

    Put simply, workers’ compensation is when an employee receives compensation after suffering from a work-related illness or injury.

    The types of benefits employees may receive varies depending on the state in which they work.

    Workers’ compensation in Missouri, for instance, requires employers/companies to provide the following benefits:

    The following statistics have been compiled by the Social Security Administration, the Insurance Information Institute, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Important workers’ compensation statistics

    The 10 industries with the most work-related injuries and illnesses:

    1. Nonconstruction laborers
    2. Semi-truck drivers (truck accident injuries)
    3. Maintenance employees/janitors
    4. Nurses assistants
    5. General repair workers
    6. Retail employees/salespeople
    7. Registered nurses
    8. Stocking clerks
    9. Construction workers
    10. Delivery drivers

    Highest average workers’ compensation payouts by injury

    According to the National Safety Council, these types of injuries have the highest average cost to employers (costs are average costs from 2016-2017):

    1. Motor vehicle injuries ($78,000+)
    2. Fire and burn injuries ($48,000+)
    3. Slip and fall injuries ($46,000+)

    Highest average workers’ compensation payouts by nature of the injury

    The list below details the nature of injuries that had the highest average costs in 2016-2017:

    1. Amputations ($98,000+)
    2. Fractures and dislocations ($58,000+)
    3. Burn injuries ($48,000)
    4. Infections ($38,000+)
    5. Disease ($35,000+)

    Additional workers’ compensation statistics

    Looking for a Workers’ Comp Attorney?

    Craig Orwerth is an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in St. Louis. Feel free to get in touch for more information regarding workers’ compensation and your case.