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Commercial Truck Accident Statistics (2019 Update)

The Dangers of Commercial Trucks Commercial trucks play a vital role in the United States’ economy. Each day, 18-wheelers deliver countless items that bring consumers their products and help businesses run more efficiently. Nowadays, speed is essential. Consumers and businesses both want their goods as quickly as possible. As experts in truck accident law, we must constantly […]

Workers’ Compensation Statistics in the United States

An intro to workers’ compensation Put simply, workers’ compensation is when an employee receives compensation after suffering from a work-related illness or injury. The types of benefits employees may receive varies depending on the state in which they work. Workers’ compensation in Missouri, for instance, requires employers/companies to provide the following benefits: Medical treatment Payment […]

10 Industries with the Most Fatal Injuries Per Year in the US

Industries with the most wrongful death workers’ compensation cases per year Unfortunately, work-related injuries and deaths occur in just about every industry. No matter how easy the work or how safe the environment, it is nearly impossible to completely avoid accidents or negligence.  Workers’ compensation claims are filed every day, but some industries are more […]

The 10 Most Common Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Workers’ comp claims are some of the most neglected claims when it comes to receiving compensation for injuries or wrongful death due to an accident or negligence.  Each state has a minimum number of employees a company must have before being required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. While most state’s rules are very similar, each […]

Common Personal Injury Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Claim

Avoiding common personal injury claim mistakes Making a personal injury claim can be a very stressful process. Having a lists of steps to follow before you begin can save you a lot of time, money, and worry. In a personal injury case, your medical records are essential and detailed documentation is critical. If you have […]

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