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    Helping Car Accident Victims in Missouri

    Our car accident attorneys help people in the State of Missouri maximize their compensation for injuries and property damage

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    We are a personal injury law firm in Missouri that specializes in helping car accident victims anywhere in the state

    Ortwerth Law’s St. Louis-based car accident lawyers have helped people around the state of Missouri receive millions of dollars in settletments and verdicts for injuries and property damage after an automobile accident. We have the knowledge and resources to investigate your accident, gather evidence, negoiate with insurance agencies, and fight for you in and out of court.

    Some of our recent car accident settlements

    • $5 million settlement in Weldon Springs car accident/wrongful death case
    • $2.2 million settlement in drunk driving case
    • $2.1 million settlement in lawsuit against the City of St. Louis and others
    • $1 million settlement  in rear-end accident involving commercial vehicle accident
    • $1.5 million settlement from commercial truck driver and employer
    • $600,000 settlement in New Madrid County, Missouri automobile accident

    Our team of car accident experts can handle cases in any city or county in Missouri

    While we are based in St. Louis, we have decades of experience handling autombile accidents around the State of Missouri. We will travel to you, speak on the phone, meet on a video chat, or offer any other form of communication that works best for you.

    Missouri’s central location in the United States makes it a popular route for drivers of trucks of all sizes. Because of this, there can be long stretches of highway that cause motorists to lose focus or drive at high speeds. If a driver’s negligence leads to an accident, they need to be held accountable and you need to make sure your the rest of your life is not impacted as a result.

    This is where our injury lawyers can help.

    We make sure your case isn’t buried in court and don’t let insurance agents cheat you out of the compensation you deserve

    Car accidents can cause tremendous damage to both the people involved and the vehicles involved in the accident. It is crucial you are taken care of after a car accident both financially and medically. Our lawyers have gone up against some of the biggest law firms and insurance agencies, and we know how they operate. We won’t let them minimize your compensation or downplay the results of the event.

    Attorneys representing car accident victims in Missouri

    We are licesned to represent clients in any city or county in the State of Missouri. Our team of experts have the resources to provide the best possible representation no matter where you live or the accident took place.

    Common car accident cities in Missouri include:

    • St. Charles, Missouri
    • Wentzville, Missouri
    • Warrenton, Missouri
    • Eureka, Fenton, and Arnold, Missouri
    • Hilsboro, Festus, and Desoto, Missouri

    Common car accident counties in Missouri include:

    • Jefferson County, Missouri
    • Jackson County, Missouri
    • St. Charles County, Missouri
    • Franklin County, Missouri
    • Warren County, Missouri
    • Lincoln County, Missouri
    • Washington County, Missouri
    • Callaway County, Missouri

    Car accident cases we handle

    While we have experience handling a just about every type of autombobile accident imaginable, there are some cases we handle frequently due to the frequency in which they take place or because of our expertise and reputation of success handling certain types of car accident cases.

    Some of the circumstances surrounding these car accidents include:

    • Drunk driving accidents
    • Accidents involving semi-trucks and 18-wheelers
    • Deliver/commercial vehicle accidents
    • Accidents caused by speeding
    • Accidents caused by inclimate weather
    • Accidents resulting in serious injuries
    • Wrongful death car accidents
    • Car accidents involving out of state drivers

    Steps to getting started

    We cannot stress enough the importance of speaking with a car accident attorney as possible. The longer you wait, the greater the chance of you forgetting details about the accident,  a witness forgetting details, a medical bill being forgotten or countless other matters that can significantly hinder your case.

    To get started, please fill out a form on this page, a form on a contact page, or call us at (314) 584-4500 with details about your case or time you’d like to meet or speak with discuss your case. One of our car accident attorneys will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Free Consultation

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