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    Car Accidents Caused by Defective Cars

    Ortwerth Law is an experienced car accident firm dedicated to helping those injured due to defective cars in St. Louis, Missouri

    Cars, trucks and, SUVs are the most popular means of transportation in the United States (and most countries around the world).

    If a car malfunctions due to improper maintenance, a faulty part, or a manufacturer error the results can be devastating.

    Some of the most famous product liability cases in United States history involve car manufacturers using faulty parts, and in some cases, doing everything they can to cover up their mistakes.

    As car accident lawyers, we have heard our fair share of tragediesĀ involving defective automobiles.

    The dangers of driving a defective or poorly maintained car

    First, we need to clarify the difference between a defective vehicle and one that is poorly maintained.

    A poorly maintained vehicle is one that has issues caused by either its age and no longer being able to work properly or a vehicle that malfunctions after a professional perform maintenance or a repair.

    Common issues caused by poorly maintained vehicles include:

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    What is a defective vehicle?

    A defective vehicle is usually a car, truck, or SUV that was not assembled properly or was built with a faulty part.

    Since the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act was created in 1966, over 390 million vehicles recalled due to safety issues and defects.

    Common automobile defects include:

    • Faulty airbags or airbags that deploy when they shouldn’t
    • Issues with the steering wheel or steering parts that prevent you from properly navigatingĀ 
    • Faulty brake pads or brake pads tat wear too quickly
    • Windshield wipers that fail to operate properly due to manufacturer error

    For more information on the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act and theĀ  NHTSA, please Click Here.

    Who is at fault in a car accident involving a faulty vehicle?

    Many times, the manufacturer will instantly issue a recall on a part or an entire vehicle once they learn of the issue.

    If their warning is too late or you ave not yet been made aware of the issue, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the vehicle, the manufacturer of an individual part, or even the dealer who sold you the vehicle.

    If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident caused by a defective vehicle, contact the St. Louis personal injury attorneys at Ortwerth Law for a free consultation.