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  • The Average Workers’ Comp Payout based on Injury Type in 2022

    The Average Workers’ Comp Payout based on Injury Type in 2022

    April 11, 2022 | Compensation, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation

    Average worker’s compensation payouts in 2022

    Workplace injuries are an unfortunately common part of life in some cases.

    While most injuries that occur on the job could have been avoided in some way or another.

    According to the Operational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), there were 2,654,700 workplace injuries in 2020.

    Of those injuries, OSHA states that 4,764 were fatal.

    The good news is, both of those numbers are down from 2019. Unfortunately, limited work caused by COVID played a significant role in the decrease. 

    Accidents and negligence are everyday occurrences, and when we suffer from injuries sustained while working, it is vital we receive the compensation we deserve.

    After all, that is why we have workers’ compensation insurance, isn’t it?

    Average workers’ compensation costs based on the type of injury

    Based on data collected by the National Safety Council, the highest workers’ compensation payouts based on the type of injury include:

    workers' compensation payouts by injury type graph

    The costs include medical expenses and other workers’ compensation pay

    • Amputations – $113,000 + average
    • Fractured bones and dislocated joints – $59,000
    • Burn injuries – $53,000
    • Infections – $36,700
    • Sprained muscles – $32,500 +
    • Carpal tunnel – $32,100 +
    • Concussions – $31,900 +

    Unsurprisingly, on average, amputations have the highest workers’ compensation payouts. Workplace injuries resulting in amputation have an average workers’ comp payout of around $113,000.

    Bone fractures and joint dislocation have the second-highest average workman’s comp payout of just under $60,000.

    Obviously, the severity of the injury and the body part that is injured also play a significant role in the compensation that is awarded.

    Injuries to the head or chest will almost always result in a higher payout than those to an arm or a leg.

    Getting help from a workers’ compensation attorney

    It’s a world of danger out there. You may be familiar with popular workplace injuries such as slips, trips, and falls. 

    But there are other types of injuries you might not know about that happen in the workplace every day.

    Each injury is unique and there is no exact answer when it comes to how much compensation will be rewarded.

    It is important to know the importance of speaking with a personal injury attorney if you have been injured on the job; even if you have (or will) receive workers’ compensation.

    A workers’ compensation attorney will be able to examine your insurance, injuries, and payout to determine whether or not you may be entitled to additional compensation.

    Like car, home, and all other types of insurance agents, workers’ comp insurance agents will do everything in their power to minimize their payout.

    If you have been injured or have become ill due to a workplace incident, we recommend speaking with a local workers’ comp attorney to discuss your case.

    If you are in St. Louis, Missouri or the surrounding areas, feel free to contact Ortwerth Law today.