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  • 5 Things to Do After a Car Accident

    what to do after a car accident

    December 23, 2016 | Car accidents

    Car accident tips from a personal injury lawyer

    Being involved in a car accident of any kind, no matter how severe, can be a traumatizing experience.

    But it’s the moments immediately following the accident that will greatly influence your claim.

    This is a time when the evidence surrounding your accident is untouched, allowing you to properly document the details for a court to see. This provides definitive proof of your vehicle’s damages and any injuries you may have suffered as a result.

    Once you have made sure no one is seriously hurt, here are the 5 things you MUST do after a car accident:

    1. Make sure everyone is safe, then call the police

    Even if the accident doesn’t seem serious, it’s important for you to contact the police to make a report.

    Depending on the state, it may be against the law not to, especially if someone was injured, or if the damage is over a couple of hundred dollars.

    If you’re not sure about your state’s laws, you should call the police and make sure you’re following the proper protocol before leaving the scene of the accident.

    3. Take photos of the car accident

    This is the most important visual evidence you can have regarding your accident.

    Taking photos of the scene before the cops or a tow truck arrives allows you to capture the undisturbed scene of the crash. This is the most accurate visual proof of your accident before vehicles are moved and the evidence is handled.

    3. Record all of the details

    In addition to pictures, written notes play a big part in the moments after an accident. Taking down the other driver’s insurance and license information is vital in helping you seek compensation later on.

    You should also write down any important information to match it up to the police report later, including witness names and telephone numbers.

    4. Contact your insurance agent

    Your insurance policy may require you to notify the company of an accident – and sometimes you only have a short amount of time to do it in. Failing to report the accident could mean your company will refuse to pay for the damages.

    Provide them with your account and gathered information, and find out if any additional documentation will be needed.

    5. Visit your doctor

    If you feel you’ve been injured in an auto accident, it’s important to seek treatment right away, especially if there is a possibility you will file a claim against the other driver.

    If you were injured in an automobile accident involving a motorcycle, the case may be different. Speak with a St. Louis motorcycle accident attorney for more details.

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