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  • Video: Understanding a Workers’ Comp Attorneys Role

    Video: Understanding a Workers’ Comp Attorneys Role

    How can a worker’s compensation lawyer help me?

    In this video, Ortwerth Law’s Craig Ortwerth delves into the world of workplace injuries answering the question, “What Does a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Do?” When it comes to injuries on the job, legal expertise is a critical aspect of receiving the correct workers’ compensation. This video provides an overview of the roles, responsibilities, and invaluable assistance personal injury attorneys provide as workers’ compensation lawyers. 

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    From the video:

    Hi, I’m Craig Ortwerth from Ortwerth Law. I frequently receive calls from people with questions about being hurt of the job or or what goes on in my worker’s compensation claims.

    In a work comp claim you have certain benefits you are entitled to.

    First workers’ comp benefit: Medical Care

    Number one is Medical Care. This involves making sure you get better and any injuries or illnesses you have are treated.

    Second workers’ comp benefit: Payment for Lost Wages

    Number two is receiving payment for lost wages. If you miss time from work they pay those lost wages and then, at the end of the case, there is a determination of disability.

    When it comes to workers’ compensation benefits, there is either permanent partial disability or permanent total disability.

    This determination comes down to how it affects your ability to work and how it affects your ability to live.

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    Finding a workers’ compensation lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri

    This is where the internet is beneficial. Whether it’s me or another attorney, I recommend that you have a local personal injury lawyer take a look at your case and your workers’ compensation claim to make sure that you’re getting all the benefits and everything that you should be getting.

    Ortwerth Law, LLC is located here in Missouri just over the river from Illinois. Our workers’ compensation lawyers are licensed in both Missouri and Illinois, but you have two vastly different types of workers’ compensation.

    Again, that’s where an attorney can come in to make sure that every little piece is being taken care of no matter where you were injured, so if you have any questions about a work injury or about a work comp claim please feel free to reach out to us at Ortwerth Law.