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  • Truck Crashes into Highway Barrier

    truck accident lawyer

    August 18, 2017 | Legal News, Truck Accidents

    Truck Accident Causes Explosion and Fire

    Yesterday, a semi truck slammed into a highway barrier in the Kansas City Area.

    After crashing into the barrier, the semi truck flew through the air, landed, and exploded into flames. The driver was trapped inside the burning truck, but luckily witnesses came rushing to help.

    One man, Ronald Ragan, hurried towards the accident and said, “I saw a bunch of fire and smoke and saw people doing video and saw a guy inside that truck that’s on fire. When I saw there was a person in there I’m like, ‘Oh my God! I’ve got to get him out.”

    He leaped over the highway barriers, towards the truck, and told the driver to take his hand. Witnesses helped both the driver and his dog climb out of the burning semi truck.

    Another witness, Azia Washington said, “If that guy did not come and save him, like probably two minutes later that flat part exploded. They wouldn’t have gotten him.”

    The truck driver’s name has not been released, but he only had a few injuries to his leg and minor burns. The entire truck accident was caught on video.

    The westbound lanes of the interstate I-435 were closed for the morning, and drivers were recommended to take a different route. The stretch of highway is currently a work zone and this was the third fiery crash in that area in the last five weeks.

    Reminders For Driving Through a Work Zone

    1. Obey construction signs, until you see signs that say you’ve left the work zone.
    2. Drive defensively
    3. Leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you. The recommended amount is seven seconds of braking distance.
    4. Slow down, be alert, and pay attention.
    5. Expect delays, and plan ahead for them

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