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  • Driver Killed After Truck Accident in Sacramento

    truck accident lawyers

    March 21, 2017 | Legal News

    A truck driver in Sacramento, California died early Sunday, March 19th after his truck crashed.

    The driver, Peter Anderson, of Marysville, California, was hauling cement to the Oroville Damn in California when his concrete mixer detached from his semi-truck.

    Authorities assume the detaching of the mixer played some role in the crash, however they still have not yet determined the cause of death or what caused the mixer to detach.

    The dangers of commercial truck driving

    Often times, drivers on the road can become easily frustrated with commercial truck drivers due to their slow driving or changing lanes.  Many times we forget to take into account the dangers of their job and home demanding it can be.

    Driving a consumer SUV or truck can be a very difficult task because of the size and weight of the automobile – commercial trucks are much larger. Commercial trucking accidents are usually caused by driver fatigue due to long hours on the road. Truck drivers can drive for as long as 11 hours a day and often times have strict deadlines they need to meet in order to keep their job.

    While the exact cause of his both death and truck accident are unknown, Mr. Anderson was likely a victim of faulty equipment or assembly. Our prayers go out to him and all of his loved ones.

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