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We are experienced burn injury attorneys in St. Louis that defend those injured or killed due to fires or explosions

Craig Ortwerth has helped many people seriously injured in explosions and fires. Significant burn injuries leave victims with permanent emotional and physical scars. Major fires and large explosions often cause fatalities. And survivors are often physically and emotionally scarred. We have helped many clients obtain compensation for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost income, and other costs of their burn injuries.

Wrongful deaths cause by fire or burn injuries

Many fires and explosions cause fatalities. Craig has handled wrongful death claims on behalf of the surviving family members of those who have died so tragically. Nobody lives forever. But when a life is cut short because of a fire or an explosion which could have been prevented, there is no greater tragedy. Nothing can replace a loved one. Nothing can compensate for what was lost.

Burn injury cases

At Ortwerth Law, LLC, our experienced attorneys have handled burn injury and wrongful death cases arising from:

  • Natural gas explosions
  • Fireworks accidents
  • Electrical defects and malfunctions
  • Industrial accidents
  • Car fires
  • And many other occurrences

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Yes, it is critically important that you contact an experienced lawyer immediately. We have a team of lawyers who will investigate the accident thoroughly and preserve the evidence you will need to prove your case at trial. If you do not contact a lawyer immediately, the boat involved in the accident [the most important evidence in the case] may be repaired or sold. We will work with our own team of experts and investigators to quickly collect the evidence before it becomes compromised or destroyed; and we will investigate the facts and circumstances of your accident to determine how and why it occurred.

Get the compensation you deserve with help from experienced burn injury attorneys

Burn cases, arising from fires and explosions, are very complicated legal matters. To succeed, you must prove the cause and origin of the fire or explosion. While you or your loved one is in the hospital, you should have an attorney conducting a thorough investigation with a team of scientific experts, including a cause and origin expert, to determine how this tragedy occurred, why it occurred and who is to blame. Do not delay.

Time is of the essence. You should retain an experienced attorney immediately before important evidence naturally disappears. For example, with regard to a house fire, your attorney and scientific experts need to inspect the house and collect evidence before the house is demolished at the request of local government authorities. Likewise, with regard to an explosion, your attorney and scientific experts will need to recover necessary pieces of evidence before they are removed by third parties. Without sufficient evidence to sustain your burden of proof, you have no case.

Our objective is to maximize your financial compensation. A burn injury case is different than other injury cases and it is important to understand the difference. Burn injuries are complex and expensive. They often require multiple skin grafts and other surgeries. There is a lengthy recovery period during which the risk of infection is great. Victims are often unable to work again for many months or years, if ever. They frequently require intensive psychological counseling as a result of the drastic changes in their appearance and abilities. If necessary, we will bring a team of doctors, vocational experts and economists to help you win past and future lost wages, past and future treatment expenses, with full and fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

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