Truck Accident in Western Indiana

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Fatal truck accident

May 30, 2017 | Legal News, Truck Accidents

Truck Accident in Indiana Causes 4 Deaths

Four people near Terre Haute, Indiana died on Saturday, March 13 after a multiple vehicle wreck along eastbound I-70 at mile marker 4.

The accident involved a tractor-trailer, a flatbed truck carrying steel bars, and a passenger vehicle. The truck accident occurred when the tractor-trailer failed to slow for traffic and struck the passenger vehicle. The traffic was due to an active vehicle fire on the shoulder. Indiana State Police Sgt. Joe Watts told the Tribune Star that the hit passenger vehicle slammed into the flatbed truck, was pushed aside, and erupted into flames. The tractor-trailer then rear-ended the flatbed truck. One of the steel bars from the flatbed skewered the tractor-trailer, killing the driver.

The eastbound lanes of I-70 were closed and traffic was backed up for hours. The State Police worked on the cleanup the rest of the day and said it would take days to identify the victims. Three people in the passenger vehicle were killed, along with the tractor-trailer driver, but the flatbed truck driver was not injured. It has not been announced if there were other passengers in the passenger car.

The Importance of Staying Focused on the Road

Often times, drivers become distracted when there is an automobile accident on the road. It is crucial to stay focused at all times when driving. Staring at accidents can cause more traffic, or as in this case, another accident. Whether you are driving a passenger vehicle or a semi-truck, it is vital that you pay attention to your surroundings at all times.