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Experienced Saint Louis truck accident attorneys, McChesney & Ortwerth, have represented clients in various types of truck accident lawsuits and settlements in Missouri.  The firm's lawyers and their outstanding network of co-counsel represent those who have been injured or had family members injured or killed in a truck accident.

Approximately one million people are involved in truck crashes in the United States each year. Thousands of innocent motorists are killed and severely injured by the negligence of semi-truck drivers and the trucking companies that employ them.  Many truck drivers and their employers place the public in grave danger. Some drivers are driving too many hours and fall asleep at the wheel. Other drivers are in a hurry and drive at excessive speeds. And unfortunately, some drivers are not qualified to be on the road at all. The personal injury attorneys of McChesney & Ortwerth strive to obtain the very best results possible for clients and their families.

Proving liability in a truck accident

Proving liability in a truck accident lawsuit is more complex than with anauto accident because responsibility may lie with any combination of: the trucker, the company, the truck manufacturer, and/or others.

An experienced and knowledgeable lawyer will look for evidence of fault in trucking logs, witness reports, phone records of the driver and the truck company, and safety and training records of the truck driver and the truck company.

In addition, someone who is hurt in a truck accident may then have a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the trucking equipment or a negligence claim against the truck company for not discovering the problem in time.

Common Negligence seen in Truck Accidents:

  • Reckless driving (excessive speeding)
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Overloaded or improperly loaded cargo
  • Improperly maintained vehicles (mechanical failures)
  • Overtiredness (federal regulations impose mandatory rest periods)
  • Road design defects

A truck accident can involve large trucks, such as 18 wheeler accidents, commercial box trucks, tractor trailer combinations, but also semi truck combinations such as delivery trucks or personal work trucks. Learn what to do after a 18 wheeler accident to maximize your changes for full compensation.

If you believe there was negligence involved, you need an experienced truck accident attorney at McChesney & Ortwerth, to defend your rights and help compensate for your losses. Please call 888-906-6938, or contact the firm online.

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