Dangerous Prescription Drugs

While most drugs are safe and effective when taken as intended, some prescription drugs have been linked to dangerous side effects and pulled off the market by their manufacturers and the Food and Drug Administration. A successful claim against a big pharmaceutical company requires thorough preparation and planning. There are many complex legal and scientific issues that will arise, and it is essential that your attorney have a thorough understanding of these issues. Accordingly, if you believe you may have a claim for injuries caused by a drug, you should not hesitate to seek legal advice.

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Risperdal, and its current formulation, known as Invega, are anti-psychotic drugs manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.  Risperdal and Invega are primarily used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, but have also been used to treat irritability in people with autism.  Risperdal was developed by Janssen from 1988 to 1992 as an improvement from the anti-psychotics on the market at that time.  Risperdal was first approved by the FDA in 1994 for the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and behavior problems in people with autism.  In 2004, Risperdal brought in $3.1 billion in sales, accounting for about 5 percent of Johnson & Johnson’s revenue that year.  In 2007, Risperdal had over $4.5 million in sales.  Today, there are many generic versions of Risperdal, which in its generic form is known as Risperidone.

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