Fires and Explosions

There are numerous causes of fire, explosion, and chemical burn cases. The resulting injuries can be devastating. Roughly 2 million burn injuries are reported annually in the United States, with a significant percentage of those requiring immediate medical attention.

Fires occur in and around the home as a result of situations such as faulty appliances, cooking, smoking, and electrical malfunctions. Explosions can be caused by propane or gasoline tanks, especially when safe practices or applicable codes are not followed. Gas grills, propane heaters, and aerosol products also can cause household explosions. Chemical burns occur when the skin comes in contact with dangerous acids or alkaloids. There are many household products that can cause serious chemical burns if not handled correctly: Drano, Liquid Plumber, paint thinner, bleach, boric acid, and others. In some industries, the workplace also introduces the risk of chemical burns.

There are cases where personal injuries are incurred from product failure, insufficient consumer information, or simple negligence. The results can be catastrophic, leaving victims with severe, life-altering injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured by a fire, explosion, or chemical burn, you need an injury lawyer with appropriate expertise.

The lawyers of McChesney & Ortwerth have successfully represented the victims and families of such events. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries as a result a fire, an explosion, or a chemical burn, please contact the firm for a free consultation.

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